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Elvira Siegel
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Elvira Siegel

About Me

I'm a master student of Computational Linguistics and Computer Science at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The main focus of my study lies in fields like: machine learning, data science and NLP. My professional experience includes working with Tensorflow and Keras. I have good knowledge of Python, C++ and Java as well as of scripting languages like HTML and the stylesheet language CSS.


Personal Blog

various articles on Machine Learning, Data Science and AI: read, learn, enjoy The Siegel Blog. Feel free to contribute to the blog if you have interesting topics and a desire for writing! 😃 Contact me at .

Constructive criticism is welcome as well.

Work Experience

Feb.-Mar. 2019

Machine Learning Intern

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Area of work: Transfer Learning, OpenVino, TensorFlow, ModelZoo, Model Optimization, Testing

Apr. 2019

Google Certification


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

No Expiration Date


Credential ID: H5M 3CA MD6

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Oct. 2016 - May. 2018

Teacher at Eckert Schulen

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Language integration trainer at Eckert Schulen.

Course of Education

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich


2018 - 2019 Bachelor's study: Computational Linguistics and Computer Science

Main Focus: Machine Learnign Algorithms and their implementation for NLP tasks, Statistical Analysis, Information Retrieval

2019 - present Master's degree: Computational Linguistics and Computer Science

Main Focus: Data Science, Machine Learnign (primarily for NLP) and Big Data Analysis

State University Kemerovo


Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Romance Languages and German Studies (completed with distinction).

Translation and interpreting (English-German-Russian). Teacher: German and English as foreign languages. Diploma Supplement: Translator and Interpreter in the field of professional communication. Diploma Supplement: State examination: Foreign language teacher.

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