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Computer Science,
My Passion.

<name>Richard Siegel </name>
<profession>Software Engineer </profession>

Richard Siegel

About Me

I'm a Computer Science graduate of Chemnitz University of Technology. After acquiring my degree I took advanced courses at Technical University of Munich, while working part time for Siemens. My Bachelor's thesis "Object Localization from 3D Point Clouds" was a contribution to the audiovisual laboratory at Chemnitz University.

I am a native German speaker, also fluent in English and have a good knowledge of Russian.

TU-Chemnitz TU-Chemnitz

Programming Skills

Technologies I use at work include: Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, less, Node, Protractor and GitLab.

My project experience includes work with C/C++, Java and Object Pascal. Through my studies and work experiences I also acquired knowledge in C#, SQL and Microsoft SharePoint. I also use these HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to maintain my website since 2009. During university and private projects I gathered practical skills in OpenGL and OpenCV. In my free time I love to practice workflow automation through bash scripts.

Work Experience



DevOps/Systems Engineer

At NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA I am responsible for Infrastructure Operations and Automatisation.

NorCom is an expert for Big Data technologies and Big Infrastructure. Founded in 1989, NorCom provides customers from different industries with customized enterprise solutions and secure IT-architectures, e.g. in the automotive, finance, multimedia and public sector.

Technologies I use at work include:

  • Kubernetes and Hadoop Clusters
  • Gitlab and Jenkins
  • Active Directory
  • Scripting with Bash (and PowerShell)



Full Stack Developer

The startup Pazz GmbH is a social network for creatives and film makers. Technologies I use at Pazz include: Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, less, Node, Protractor and GitLab.


Web Developer (Working Student)


Self-reliant solution support and engineering in the fields of cloud and web-applications for Siemens Global Marketing Services and its customers. Tasks include: stakeholder consultations and development with Angular, SQL, .NET and SharePoint. The collaboration on team projects is handled and supported with GIT and UML-Documentation.


Videographer (Working Student)


Video documentation of university events and the creation of the promotional video for the graduation celebrations. Among video editing, layouting articles and posters was among my tasks.

  • Required a university internal licence for the Sony NEX50
  • Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator

My Projects


Infinity Snake (Beta) App

This spare time project was created with Android-Studio in Kotlin, HTML5 and JavaScript. The game core runs in regular browsers as well. Next to the existing growing field feature in "Infinity Mode", a number of additions are planned. For example ad-watching rewards with Google AdMob; a browser-version of the game; and a multiplayer mode, connecting also the app and browser versions of Infinity Snake.


The IT-Blog — siegel.work/blog

Development of the blog's own PHP-based Content Management System, including an SQL-Database for user statistics and UX improvement. Experience with Google AdSense.


Audio & Video Laboratory (Publication)

"Realisation of an Audio & Video Laboratory for Precise Object Localisation and Tracking" for the 29th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing at Ulm University. Publisher: TUDpress, Dresden. Authors include: Manthey, Hussein, Erler, Siegel and Kowerko.


Object Localization from 3D Point Clouds (Bachelor's thesis)

This thesis is about a software solution for the localization of objects (mainly loudspeakers) within the audiovisual laboratory of the junior professorship Media Computing at Chemnitz University of Technology. Two methods of localizing objects have been implemented and evaluated.


Internal and External Storage (Paper)


This paper is the result of a seminar about the mobile operating system Android. The focus is on the principals of understanding and using storage in Android and the usability of mobile applications.



NetWars - An Assembly Code Game

A student team project during which I managed my group in an agile development process. Also, I wrote the backend code for the RedCode-Assembly editor and parser in Java.


Mathematics of Cryptology (Paper)

Before entering university, during the last year at my computer science specialized school (Abitur at BSZ Oelsnitz) I wrote this paper about RSA by Rivest, Shamir and Adleman.



3D-Snake (Computer Game)

The Snake concept began with arcade games during the 1970s and the goal of the game is to eat as may game items as possible without biting your own snake body. My implementation of the old concept, 3D-Snake is not just a 3D looking version of Snake, but from level two on, players have to navigate through all the three directions of a cube.

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